Losing Medicaid Coverage?

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You Have Options

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid and lose your coverage, you are eligible to enroll in a new health plan.

What To Expect if You Lose Medicaid

Virginia will notify you if you no longer qualify for Medicaid health coverage. Make sure you take action on your notice right away: provide your up-to-date mailing address and phone number to Virginia Medicaid agencies. See below for methods to contact these agencies.

Update Your Information or Ask About Medicaid Here:

If you have been found ineligible for Medicaid, the Marketplace is here to help!

Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace is offering a Special Enrollment Period. Virginians who are found ineligible for Medicaid coverage between March 31, 2023, and September 30, 2024, are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to apply for health insurance during that time. Virginians who apply for health insurance during this Special Enrollment Period may apply for coverage at any point between these two dates. After submitting an application, they will have 90 days to complete plan enrollment. Or, they can apply during the next Open Enrollment Period from November 1, 2024, through January 15, 2025.


Nearly 9 out of 10 Marketplace consumers qualify for financial assistance.

Beginning January 1, 2024, Virginians who lose Medicaid will have 90 days to enroll in a qualified health plan after they apply for health insurance. Coverage through the Marketplace is available to you whether you’re unemployed, you're self-employed, or your job doesn’t provide an affordable insurance option. The Marketplace is the only place to get financial assistance to help lower the cost of coverage and care. 

Enrolling in a Health Plan Is Simple

Shop for and compare affordable health insurance plans that have comprehensive benefits so you and your family can stay covered.

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Still Have Questions?

Find more tools and information about Medicaid coverage at Cover Virginia.  

Contact Enroll Virginia or BPSOS to get free help over the phone or in person from trained experts who can help you sign up for health coverage. 

Contact the Marketplace’s Help Center if you need assistance enrolling in a health plan or have any questions. 

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